• Scholarships found on the "Building Level/Site" scholarship page on the Waukesha South website are made available only to students that attend Waukesha South High School.

    As is, scholarships listed as "Building Level/Site" scholarships and found on the Waukesha North or Waukesha West pages are specific to students attending that high school.

    If you click on a link that leads you to a page that reads "This Page is Currently Unavailable" the deadlines for scholarships associated with that month have passed or there is none available for that month.

    Scholarships due in March, April, and May will be updated in late January/ early February of 2022. Please check back frequently as scholarships get updated periodically. Thank you for your understanding.

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Jim Tyler Player's Choice Award

  • Description: 

    Need to be a senior on the Boy's Volleyball Team, chosen by team members for the Most Valuable Player. Need to have proof of enrollment at a college or university that you will be attending in the fall.

    Application: No Application
    Award Amount: $225

Ken Hollub Scholarship

  • Description:

    One Male student who participated in athletics & who exhibits financial need.

    Award Amount: $500
    No Application: Coach Recommendation

Mabel "Ammie" Amundson Scholarship

  • Description:

    The Mabel Amundson Scholarship is awarded to a female who displays character, scholastic achievement and participates in athletics and physical education activities. The award is named after Mabel "Ammie" Amundson, a long time physical education teacher at Waukesha South High School.

    Coaches Recommend A Girl

    Award Amount: $ 375
    No Application: Coach Recommendation

Norm Seeling Scholar Athlete Award

  • Description: 

    This award is named after Norm Seeling, who was a Waukesha business owner and longtime supporter of South athletics and academics. The emphasis of this award is on high athletic and academic achievement, as compared to potential. It goes to both a male and a female student graduating from South HS who participated in athletics.

    Coaches/Athletic Department selects 1 male and 1 female student.

    Award Amount: One male and one female receive $1000 each (Please note, this is a new award amount beginning the 2021/22 school year)
    Application:  This is a coach/athletic department selected award.

Peter and Dora Simon and Family

  • Description: 

    Recipient must be planning to attend a 2-year or 4-year post-secondary institution. Must be planning to major in a Nursing program at a Wisconsin College/University.

    Only one student wins between the three high schools.

    Award Amount: $500
    Application: NO Application: Recommendation by F/CE Department across all three high schools.

Quentin & Dorothy Smirl Family Scholarship

  • Description:

    Need to be going into a Health Related Field at a Wisconsin College/University.

    Only one student win's between the three high schools.

    Award Amount: $500
    Application: NO Application: Recommendation by F/CE Department across all three high schools.

Waukesha Education Foundation

  • Description:

    This is a scholarship recommended by staff. No application.

    Amount: $500