• Our Mission 

    The mission of Hadfield School is to ensure that every student attains high academic and behavioral standards through a collaborative partnership among students, staff, families and the community.  Achievement will be measured through fair and relevant assessments. 

    Our Vision

    Families feel confident sending their children to Hadfield School where:

    • We provide an emotionally and physically safe learning environment,
    • We ensure high academic achievement through an engaging purposeful curriculum and instruction,
    • Families, students and staff are committed to learning with and from each other

    Our Values 

    Hadfield staff, students & families value:

    • Passionate, enthusiastic commitment to learning
    • Acceptance and appreciation for everyone
    • Shared decision making
    • Evidence based practices for inclusive instruction and assessment
    • Clear expectations and consequences for respect and responsibility
    • Meaningful collaboration for students and adults
    • Positive, purposeful communication and trusting, supportive relationships