Special Education Transportation

  •  In addition to the regular transportation provided to all eligible students, transportation as a related service is an important component of the program for many students with disabilities. The School District of Waukesha transports approximately 400 students to/from their assigned school.  Students with disabilities are entitled to this related service only if it has been determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team that transportation is necessary for the student to benefit from special education.

    Transportation is included as a related service when the IEP team determines it is necessary for the child to benefit from special education.  The IEP team will always include the parent as a required participant.  Other areas looked at by IEP teams include: medical and health needs, student's needs for adaptive or assistive equipment, student's capacity - ability to arrive at school on time, avoid getting lost, avoid dangerous traffic situations, and avoid other potentially dangerous or exploitative situations on the way to and from school, behavioral issues, and other program-related areas (transition, etc.).

    Questions about transportation for special education students can be addressed by contacting your child's special education teacher, school principal, or Evonne Johnson at the Lindholm Administration building at 262-970-1150; or e-mail emjohnson@waukesha.k12.wi.us.