School Counseling Mission Statement

  • All students enrolled in the School District of Waukesha receive comprehensive, developmental school counseling services. Through these services, students acquire essential skills regarding learning, choosing a career, and interacting within society to essentially experience a greater degree of opportunities with contentment in a diverse and ever changing world.

Elementary Counseling: Gr. 4K - 5

  • The elementary school counseling program services include:

    • Staff training and support for teachers who deliver developmental guidance lessons such as personal safety, bullying prevention, conflict resolution, drug awareness/prevention, social and career development skills
    • Crisis assistance
    • Consultation for parents and school staff regarding social/emotional concerns and assistance with intervention plans for students

    A school counselor is not available in each elementary school but can be accessed if necessary by contacting the building principal or by calling Amanda DeSua, Elementary Guidance Chairperson, at (262) 970-3013 or

Secondary School Counseling: Gr. 6 -12

  • The secondary school counseling program (gr. 7-12) includes developmentally-appropriate educational/vocational career, personal, and social information to assist students in problem-solving and making educational and career decisions. The program also includes pupil appraisal [testing or referrals for testing (ACT, SAT, etc.)], post-secondary planning and scholarships, group and individual counseling, referral, research, and pupil follow-up activities. The counselors serve on BCTs (building collaboration teams) to assist as a team to solve a multitude of school and student problems. They also serve on IEPs (individualized education programs) required for students with disabilities.