• Our Appreciations committee coordinates occasions such as Conference Cuisine (meals provided for teachers when they stay through dinner to hold Parent-Teacher conferences) and Teacher Appreciation week.  If you ever wish to provide an individual thank you for one of your child's teachers, click here for a list of our staff and their favorite things.

    Ideas welcome for how we can show our appreciation for our WONDERFUL teachers and staff! Email us at wsaptso@gmail.com.


    Appreciation Days

    Our PTSO recently gifted teachers with gift cards to use for some classroom refresh!  Your contributions and participation in our fundraisers made this gifting possible:  Check out what you've provided!


    Jessica Damon, Speech-Language Pathologist, purchased several books for her classroom

    Jessica Damon


    Deanna Day, Grade 1, purchased 4 student chair pockets, a 120 pocket chart, a pencil sharpener, and a boxed set of social emotional learning books called "A Little Spot of Emotions"

    Deanna Day

    Lisa Kahle, Grade 1, purchased 8 chart pockets and a giant magnetic ten frame set

    Lisa Kahle

    Jenny Chiello, Grade 5, purchased 2 STEM Books, 3 donut ball chairs, and a pack of prizes for her prize bin

    Abby Burton, Grade 5, purchased a portable whiteboard with anchor chart holder and a big pack of colored expo markers

    Abby Burton

    Amanda DeSua, School Counselor, purchased 7 hardcover books:  A Whale of a Mistake, Mia's Mountain Hike, Reggie the Hedgehog Builds a Safety SanctuaryJabari TriesBreathing Makes it BetterShe's Got This,  In My Heart, and Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

    Books for Amanda DeSua Amanda DeSua

    Rachel Boario, our Math Instructional Coach, purchased several Math Resources to share with all of our teaching teams!  Taking Action, Mindset Mathematics for Kindergarten and 1st Grades, and Teaching Math with Google Apps

    Paula Davies in Phy Ed purchased new activity supplies: New Ogo Disks  New Stepping Stones