• Welcome to WSA Randall Campus!   

    During the school day, no parking is allowed directly in front of the school.  This is a City of Waukesha policy, therefore we cannot make exceptions for any reason.  We are permitted to use the space as a drop off/pick up lane at the start and end of the school day-- please see our Drop Off/Pick Up Lane Procedures below if you would like to use this lane.

    Limited parking is available on Charles St north of College Ave and south of the school (up past the gardens).  Street parking is also available on James St., College Ave., Hartwell Ave., Laflin, Newhall and McCall St.  We share the neighborhood with Carroll University and residential subdivisions:  Please read and adhere carefully to posted parking regulations and avoid blocking any alleys or driveways when deciding where to park.   Absolutely no parking, drop offs, or pickups are allowed in the staff lot in back of the school.

    Drop off / pick up lane procedures

    • Charles St. is designated as a “one way” during our drop off (7:35 to 7:55) and pick up (2:45 to 3:10). You may only travel south on Charles during this time.
    • NO parking, drop offs or pick-ups are allowed between the posted yellow “Buses only” signs and the corner of Charles and College.  This area is needed for daycare vans.
    • From the “Buses only” signs to the end of the city’s posted “no parking” signs (just past the fencing around the playground/garden area) is the designated moving drop off/pick up lane.  This lane is ONLY available for those whose student(s) are comfortable INDEPENDENTLY entering and exiting the vehicle.  You may not exit your vehicle while in this lane. When space is available, pull over and allow your student to enter or exit your vehicle. If no space is available, you must circle the block and try again.  It is essential to keep traffic moving to avoid blocking intersections and creating a dangerous situation in our crosswalks.  NO double parking is allowed (even if you see your child waiting.)  This is again for student safety.  
    • If you have pulled into the pick-up lane and are waiting for your child, you must continue to pull forward as cars in front of you pull out to make room for more cars behind you.  Please remind your child to look up and down Charles St for your vehicle as you will need to keep moving.  Traffic assistants will be out to help direct at these peak times.  No one is permitted to stop and wait in a specific spot.  Again, this is to keep the traffic moving and avoid collisions.  
    • All students must enter or exit your vehicle from the passenger (sidewalk) side.  

    Everyone must use the crosswalks at Charles and College or Charles and Laflin.  Do not cross anywhere in front of the school on Charles.  This is per the Waukesha Police Department for everyone’s safety!