About Summit View INC.

About Summit View

  • Welcome to Summit View Elementary School! It is one of 13 elementary schools in the School District of Waukesha. Summit View opened in the fall of 1992. It is the largest elementary school in the School District of Waukesha with a small community feel as we strive to know and enhance each child's unique qualities.

    Summit View's physical structure offers students the best of all educational settings. Input into the design of the building was sought from educators, students, parents, and business leaders. There are seven teaching pods which house approximately 550 students in grades 3K through fifth. Within each pod there are opportunities for individual as well as small and large group instruction. A central community area, surrounded by book shelves and collaboration spaces, opens out into four classrooms in each of the pods. Movable walls offer teachers opportunities to vary the learning environment. iPads are available to each student beginning in Kindergarten. Other technologies available to students and staff include Chromebooks, data projectors, visual presenters, smart boards, green screens, mobile TV Carts with Apple TV, and Elmo projectors.

    Instruction at Summit View follows the rigorous literacy, math, and science curriculum of the School District of Waukesha. Our teacher’s instructional practices are enriched by their continuous development in the areas of arts integration, technology, and personalized learning. The setting of the school, with its’ surrounding landscape and wooded areas, enhances this optimal learning environment and allows students to demonstrate their learning in various learning modalities.

    The staff at Summit View embraces a variety of teaching strategies and philosophies. Best practices such as Reader's and Writer's workshop are utilized. Using the district Response to Intervention (R.T.I.) model, interventions occur to provide additional support to students. Students are encouraged to develop independence, be creative and critical thinkers, appreciate and respect individual differences, and become effective problem solvers. We want all of our students to become life-long learners.

    Using a Professional Learning Community model, Summit View's staff collaborates to share ideas, analyze data, and plan lessons to help all students succeed. Open communication between home and school is vital. Parent input is one of the keys to the success of students.

    We are proud of Summit View and the children who attend it. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact the principal, Mr. Sheskey.


Why Summit View Inc?

    • Band and Orchestra available to all fifth grade students.
    • Consistent high level instruction in Foss Science and Common Core Standards in Math and Literacy
    • Integrated Arts is an approach to teaching where students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form.
    • Students engage in a creative process that connects an art form and science, math, literacy, social studies, and technology to meet evolving objectives in both
    • Summit View offers many complementary enrichment opportunities surrounding the school day including: filmmaking, drama, juggling, piano instruction, science fair, String Academy and SVE 12 broadcasting club
    • Students will engage in innovative learning activities that build focus, engagement, collaboration, and include problem solving reflection, and hands on experiences
    • Classroom teachers provide instruction using interactive, imaginative and integrated methods
    • In a 21st century economy there is a 77% increase in the need for critical thinking skills and a 74% increase in the need for creativity innovation skills
    • To survive and thrive in this rapidly changing world, people will need to have the skills to synthesize their knowledge into something novel and useful = be creative
    • Summit View is actively involved in a partnership with First Stage Children’s Theater, Milwaukee