• For current students

    Students can send their transcripts for FREE through Career Cruising.

    Steps to log-in to Career Cruising: 


    2. Select "For Students"

    3. Select "Career Cruising" 

    4. Enter student email and password

     Here are the steps once you are logged in: 

    1. Go to the top left and select “My Plan”
    2. Then select “My Education”
    3. Then select “My Transcripts”
    4. Then select “View More”
    5. Then select “Send Ad-Hoc Transcript Report”
    6. Then locate the state where you would like to send your transcripts
    7. Under destination, select college.
    8. If you are playing sports, you also may have to send to NCAA, select that option.
    9. Finally, click “Send Now”
    • Allow 2-3 business days. South with get a report that you are trying to send. They will then upload your transcript and your school will have to upload the transcript

      Class of 1993 - Present

    Waukesha South High School has joined forces with Parchment to bring you Secure Transcript, the safe and paperless way to send transcripts to the colleges you choose.

    • CLICK HERE to order your transcripts on-line via Parchment
    • Click on “sign up”
    • Follow the prompts to set up an account. (Email address required)
    • Once your account is created: Fill out enrollment information (SS# and school I.D. are optional, not necessary)
    • You do not need a registration code. Just simply scroll to the portion where you can manually sign your signature with your “mouse”.
    • Once your account has been set-up, you many proceed to pick your transcript destination by clicking on the highlighted word “Deliver”.
    • Please make sure to specify either “Current Transcript” or “Next Grading Period”.
    • The cost of using Parchment is $3.75 for electronic transcripts with a debit or credit card.

    Graduates Prior to 1993 (1992 or earlier)

    • Transcript requests must be mailed or brought into the Student Services Office.
      Waukesha South High School
      Student Services - Transcripts
      401 E Roberta Avenue
      Waukesha, WI 53186
    • Each transcript printed and mailed/picked-up has a $5.00 processing fee.