Policy Committee

  • The board of education committees are made up solely of elected board members and may either be standing or special committees. The president of the board annually appoints committee members and respective chairs.

    The Policy Committee normally meets on the third Tuesday of the month.

    Policy Committee members are:

    • William Baumgart, Chair
    • Corey Montiho
    • Diane Voit

    Community members are welcome to attend these open meetings. Effective 3/25/20: all Full Board and Board Committee meetings will be held virtually.  Please see the meeting agenda for information about accessing these meetings virtually.  Unless otherwise specified, the meetings are held in the Board Room of the Lindholm Administration Building at 222 Maple Avenue, Waukesha. If you plan to attend a board committee meeting, please call ahead at 262-970-1012 to verify that the meeting has not been canceled or rescheduled.  

    Please contact Lynn Cummings at (262) 970-1101 or lcumming@waukesha.k12.wi.us for policy committee information.

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