Transportation Files

  •  2020-21 Online Forms:

    2020-21 High School Request Form - Registration starts on Dec 1, 2019 - This form is now closed, please contact the transportation office. 

    2020-21 Private School Request Form - Registration starts on April 15, 2020

    2020-21 4K Transportation Request Form - Registration starts after Lottery 

    2020-21 Alternate Location Request Form - Open Form

    2020-21 Pay to Ride Application - Application opens on July 15, 2020

    2020-21 Opt-Out Form 


     2021-22 Online Forms:

    2021-22 High School Request Form - Registration starts on Dec 1, 2020


    High School and Private School Request- Important Timeline Dates:

    Requests received prior to June 15th: Routing information will be available in your Infinite Campus (IC) account on Aug. 21, 2020.  Private school families will be mailed a postcard 1 week before school starts.

    Requests received after Aug 1st: Your student will be routed to the closest existing bus stop. Routes will NOT be adjusted until after school start-up.  Routing information will still be posted in IC and a postcard will still be mailed.

    Requests received after August 15th: You will receive a phone call or email with your child's start date. Your child will NOT be allowed to ride until they are routed.