Ms. Cassie Propson

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WAHP Courses Taught:

    • PLTW- Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS) - Year
    • PLTW-Medical Interventions (MI) -Year
    • Medical terminology - Semester

About Ms. Propson

  • I have been teaching at Waukesha South and with the Academy since 2016. During that time, I’ve taught chemistry, biology, Medical Interventions, Principles of Biomedical Science, and Medical Terminology. I am a HOSA advisor. Prior to South, I taught biology, chemistry, and environmental science in the Madison area at Middleton Cross Plains Area High School.

    I went straight into teaching after college, but whilst attending University of Wisconsin-Madison, I worked as an undergraduate research assistant in a cancer research lab. While I spend most of my time either at work or with family, that family includes a dentist sister, chemist brother, veterinarian brother, doctor of neurology brother, and microbiology PhD brother, so we have lots of “continuing education” conversations!

    My favorite part of being in the Health Academy family is working with students around very real world curriculum. Through PLTW classes, I am able to introduce students to topics they’ve only heard about on the news and haven’t fully understood until these classes. There is so much content that is relatable on various levels in an incredible multitude of ways. Additionally, being able to share the classroom with fantastically motivated students inspires me daily!