Pharmacy Benefits

  • The School District of Waukesha contracts with Navitus to manage our pharmacy benefits. To find participating pharmacies, formulary information, and other pharmacy benefit information, visit the Navitus Member Portal, For questions about your pharmacy benefits, call Navitus Customer Care at 855-6736504.

    As prescription medication costs continue to increase, you may be searching for ways to lower your costs at the pharmacy. When you register online with Navitus, you will have access to the Cost Compare Tool. This is a great start to making sure you are getting the best value on your medications.

    Mail Service - Navitus partners with BirdiPharmacyServices to offer mail order services. To enroll in mail service, please fill out the Birdi Mail Order Registration Form.

    Specialty Pharmacy - All Tier AF Specialty Drugs must run through a prior authorization with Navitus in order to be covered under the plan. A Lumicera Access Specialist will reach out to you regarding enrollment. Please respond to their outreach. Failure to do so may result in your prescription not being covered under the plan. Call Lumicera at 855-847-3556.

    • If you qualify, the drug may be available to you for free.
    • If you do not qualify, the prescription will be covered under the health plan as before.
    • If you do not complete the process with Lumicera, you may be responsible for the full cost of the prescription.


Mail Order

Specialty Rx

  • Lumicera is the Specialty Rx provider

    • Phone: (855) 847-3553
    • This is a mandatory program