Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

  • The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is a statewide pension plan for Wisconsin Public School Districts, including SDW. You must meet the WRS eligibility guidelines to be enrolled in the State pension plan.  If you are unsure if you meet eligibility requirements, please contact the Payroll Department. The contribution requirements change annually on January 1st. The contribution rate for 2022 is 6.5% of your gross income. The District matches the contribution rate at 6.5%.

    The State of Wisconsin manages the pension plan for enrolled members. Please visit the Employee Trust Funds site or contact them directly at 877-533-5020 or 608-266-3285.

    In order to update your beneficiary on file with your pension, please complete the WRS Beneficiary Designation Form and return it to the Wisconsin Retirement System office. Forms MUST be submitted directly to ETF.