• How is Progress Assessed?

    Student progress is determined using a variety of formative and summative assessments that are fully integrated into classroom instruction. Assessments are used regularly to provide evidence of student learning. Formative assessments are used during the learning process to determine students progress towards learning goals and to help teachers choose the appropriate instructional activities. At the secondary level, summative assessments are used later in the learning process to provide evidence for teachers to make professional judgements about what students know and are able to do. Historically, this practice of judgement was known as “grading student work” and then recording grades into the student gradebook. High schoolers are graded on their course learning targets, of which there are typically between 3-6 per course. After progress is determined using summative assessments scores based on course rubrics for each learning target, the targets are judged collectively to determine an overall course grade at the end of each semester. While Infinite Campus allows teachers to calculate grades by averaging summative scores, students and parents can rest assured that teachers are making the final judgement by examining all student evidence and making a final declaration of each student’s grades.This is the only time letter grades are used during the semester, as “proficiency” levels are used to guide day-to-day progress during the year.