Mrs. Delgado

  • Hello! My name is Daisy Delgado and I will be a 5th grade Dual Teacher at Banting! I am from Puerto Rico, but I have lived in Milwaukee for 11 years. I have taught bilingual elementary for 8 years. Most of those years were split grade classes, so I have had the opportunity to teach grades k3 - 1st, substitute teacher, k5 Dual teacher, at Hawthorne Elementary School, Charter School and Milwaukee Public Schools. I met my husban German in Puerto Rico and we were married in 2013. I have two wonderful children! Salem is eleven and Emaluna is seven. Also, we speak Spanish at home. My son and my husband play a guitar, my daugther play the violin and I play a Puerto Rican cuatro. We love to play music together and spend time camping, visiting the family in Colombia and Puerto Rico, and visiting another States or countries. I hope this year 2020-2021 will be a great experience and learning for you.


    I am really happy to meeting you and work together. :))



Contact me:

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    Phone: (262) 970-3452


Favorite Book:

  • The monk Who Sold His Ferrari is the suggestive and emotional story of Julian Mantle, a super lawyer whose stressful, unbalanced and money-obsessed life ends up giving him a heart attack. Vigorous fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom with Western principles of success,shows step by step how to live with more courage, joy, balance and satisfaction. 

Mrs. Daisy Delgado