What is a Planetarium?

  • A Planetarium theater is a special room with a dome shaped ceiling and a projector in the center which can recreate the day or night sky by projecting images of the stars, planets, the sun, the moon, and more. The Digistar 6 software can be set to show the sky for any date, time, or latitude. Without leaving your seats, you will be transported beyond the city smoke and lights where the wonders of the heavens can best be seen.

    • The planetarium serves as a resource to the students, teachers, and the community, providing the most current trends in astronomy
    • Friends Memberships are available - For additional program information see our Friends page for the advantages!
    • School programs presented at the planetarium comply with the State of Wisconsin and National Science Educational Goals and Standards criteria.
    • The entrance to the planetarium, lobby area, and the theater are completely wheelchair accessible.
    • Expand your experience by enjoying the Retzer Nature Center facilities and grounds!
  • Retzer with stars