Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell the age of my iPad?

    The School District distributed iPads in groups called waves. Each iPad is engraved on the back with a special text code that identifies the wave in which it was purchased. The chart below will help you identify which wave your iPad was issued based on the engraving. 

    Age of iPad

    The iPad

    Will students be assigned the same device/model throughout their academic careers?

    Students will keep the same/device for the duration of a device life cycle. Currently we anticipate that a device life cycle will be 4 years, but that is subject to change at any time. At the end of the a device life cycle the student will be offered the ability to buy the device at the established buyout cost and will be issued a new device. Students will receive several devices throughout the course of their academic career. We will constantly reassess the needs of teachers and students and select the best device available at the time to meet those needs. 

    Will students be allowed to keep the device over the summer?

    Yes, students are encouraged to keep their device over the summer and use it to continue learning. The device can be used to access our online resources, e-books, content etc. For a list of these resources contact your schools Media Center. Using this device over the summer also allows staff to communicate with the students to better prepare them for the beginning of school in the fall. 

    If I don't feel comfortable keeping the device over the summer what can I do?

    The District IT Office will provide families with the ability to check in and secure the student device for the summer. The device must be complete with charger and cable, and must be undamaged to check-in. The parent or guardian should bring the device to the district IT office for check-in. The parent must also be present for the device to be checked out from the district office. Your attendance will NOT be responsible for storing devices over the summer. If families are unable to secure the device over the summer they should make arrangements to use the district check-in process. 

    Will students iPads be insured against theft and accidental damage?

    The School District of Waukesha will be providing insurance for all iPads. The family does have some financial responsibility defined in the Financial Responsibilities Form.

    Which students will be assigned devices?

    Students in grades 2-12 will exist in a take home model where each student is assigned a self-managed device that the student will use and maintain over a 4 year period. Students in K-1 will begin with class sets and implementation of the take home model will be evaluated during the year. Students will move forward each year with this same device. 

    May I bring my own iPad to school?

    As long as a student brings an iPad that meets minimum specifications, then it will be acceptable for that student to bring their personal iPad to school. Note the student will have to use the Guest Wireless network and will not be able to display on the classroom Apple TV's. Guest wireless can be accessed with the student's district login credentials. ****

    Will I use an iPad in all of my classes?

    While the iPad will be utilized by all teachers, it does not mean they will be used every hour of every day. Teachers still have the autonomy to create highly engaging lessons that do not use the iPad. The iPad will be the student's tool to use in their education. We expect that how it is used will vary based on subject area. Each of our teachers set up an online classroom that will allow them to post class notes, assignments, etc. The expectation is that the iPad will be utilized across all disciplines. 

    Does it make sense to get a stylus for writing on the iPad for the various activities and projects?

    Using a stylus is a personal preference. Many students have discovered that a finger can be just as precise. Therefore we do not suggest purchasing a stylus until you get a feel for how comfortable you are writing on your iPad so you can better decide what works best for your needs. 


    May students opt out of using the iPad?

    No. We want all students to be on equal footing in each class as they learn to use new technology. 

    What if a student forgets to bring the iPad to school?

    If students fail to bring their device to school, they are responsible for completing course work as though they had their device with them. 

    I am concerned my iPad battery will not last for the entire school day. What should I do?

    One of the main reasons we chose the iPad is that unlike laptop batteries, when full charged, the iPad can run for up to 10 hours. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the device is fully charged when coming to school. Normally it takes two to three hours for the device to go from 0% to 100% charged. 

    My student is graduating/leaving the district can they purchase their iPad?

    A student that is graduating can purchase their iPad for the designated buyout price as long as they meet all the requirements. Students that leave the district before graduation must return their iPad, charger and cable undamaged. The following prices are subject to change.

    iPad Buyout Cost

    What are the requirements for a student to purchase their iPad?

    If a student's device has reached the end of its 4 year life cycle or the student is graduating, the student has the option of purchasing their device from the district. The following requirements must be met. 

    iPad purchase requirements:

    • The student is graduating (either 1 semester of 2nd semester grad), or if the student is still attending school in the district and their device has reached the end of its 4 year life cycle.
    • Students leaving the district for any reason other than graduation are not eligible to purchase their device.
    • All student fines and fees must be paid including the purchase price for the iPad.
    • The student is only eligible to purchase the device that is assigned to them.
    • The purchase cost of the device is subject to change but is currently set as follows:
      • For Graduating Seniors
        • End of year 1- $375
        • End of year 2 - $250
        • End of year 3 - $125
        • End of year 4 - $25
      • For all other students at the time of device refresh the current purchase price is $75. (This price is subject to change at any time)

    What is the cost?

    There is no cost to the family for the device that is issued to the student. Each student will be assessed $25 annual Technology Application Fee that covers paying for the apps, and content provided for use on the device. The $25 Technology Application Fee is not prorated if the device is issued during the middle of the school year. The fee is used to pay for content and application licensing on the device. If a device is stolen or damaged the family is responsible for it and may be assessed a fee to repair or replace it described in the Financial Responsibilities Form

    Apple ID

    What is an Apple ID and will my child need one?

    An Apple ID (sometimes referred to as MAID which stands for Managed Apple ID) is your username for everything you do with Apple (obtaining free and purchased apps, music, etc. from the App Store or iTunes Store, enabling iCloud for file storage, accessing Apple support and more). Every child will create a school district Apple ID on or before the date of receiving their first iPad. Specific instructions will be made available to parents and help will be available at your child's school. We recommend that all parents know the password created for the student's Apple ID. (Note: children under the age of 13 must have parents create their Apple ID).  

    What if my child forgets their Apple ID?

    Your child's "professional" Apple ID will be their School District of Waukesha Gmail address, but instead of "@stu" it'll be "@a" ( The password should be set to the first four digits of the students lunch code. If the password doesnt seem to be working watch this video to help with the setup process. If the student is still having troubles please see someone in the Media Center at the school. 

    I have 3 kids in school, can they share one Apple ID?

    No. The Apple ID is used to sync a wide variety of content regularly, from electronic books to files to images. Sharing an Apple ID will create for greater confusion and will limit some of the benefits of owning an Apple ID. Parents should not share their personal Apple ID with students/student iPads either. Only the student's Apple ID should be in the iPad. 


    What apps are required and how do I get them?

    The School District of Waukesha will distribute and pay for a core set of paid apps to all student iPads. These apps can be found and downloaded through Self Service (which is an alternative to the App Store) since the App Store is not available on the student's iPads. 

    Can students purchase/download their own apps?

    No. The students don't have the App Store so they can't download apps that aren't in Self Service. Any apps that can be downloaded onto the iPad can be found and downloaded through the Self Service app. 

    Parental Controls

    How can parents still monitor a student's online behavior, when the iPad can be used anywhere at home?

    When Apple released iOS 12 they also launched a way for parents to control the iPad through Screen Time which can be found in settings. For a walkthrough on how to use and set up Screen Time watch this video.

    Will the school set rules for use of the iPad at home?

    We expect that families will observe school rules about decency and treatment of others, and will self-determine broad guidelines for age-appropriateness of software. For example, students may not use their iPads to demean others online, and we expect that families will not allow children to access inappropriate content on their iPads. Students are expeced to maintain the rules of the Acceptable Use Policy and the iPad Pledge whether at home or school. While we expect all families to observe general guidelines, the School's auhtority and interest in regulating each family's practice is limited, and we are confident our students understand that different families do things in different ways.

    Internet Access

    Am I required to have wireless Internet access at home for the iPad program?

    No, but it will make the iPad and it's apps more accessible. For example, wireless service will allow students to do research, access e-texts, and communicate with others fromhome. Teachers will work with stuents to determine what can be downloaded to the device to continue working from home if they do not have wireless access at home.

    Will the wireless network handle all of these devices?

    Yes, the wireless networks at all Waukesha One schools will be ready for the increased device usage.

    Summer Access to iPads

    What will happen to iPads the district has issued to students during the summer months?

    An intended goal of Waukesha One is to provide our students with access to quality learning opportunities throughout the summer. With this in mind we are allowing all students in grades 2-12 to take home their iPad for the summer. 

    Why are you providing students with access to district issued devices throughout the summer?

    Learning is a lifetime activity that extends well beyond the boundaries of school or the limits of the school year. Just as students learn to use these tools for a wide variety of educational experiences and opportunities during the school year, they can utilize the iPad during the summer to continually learn and grow academically. The goal is to  provide continual access to students (and their families) to encourage continual learning. We encourage you to collaborate with your student over the summer months to take advantage of this great learning opportunity!

    What should I do if I need technical support, experience damage to the iPad, or suspect loss of the iPad during the summer break?

    Should you need any technical support over the summer month, you may bring the device to the Technology Department in room 127 at the Lindholm Building, 222 Maple Ave, or contact the IT Help Desk, 262-970-1073, for assistance. If the device is damaged during the summer, you may drop it off for repair. The student/parent are responsible for maintaining the device and returning to school with it in good working condition at the start of the school year. 

    Can students use the device for anything that they wish to during the summer months?

    Students are expected to use the device in accordance with the School District of Waukesha Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Pledge for iPad Use that was previously signed. In the event that a student violates these policies, even during the summer months, they could be subject to the same disciplinary consequences issued to students during the school year. 

    I do not want the iPad to be available to my child during the summer months. Is there a method to submit the iPad to the district for summer storage?

    Should you determine that keeping the iPad in your home during the summer months is not a feasible option for your family, the parent/guardian may give the iPad to the Media Center and they will get it transferred to the School District Building for summer storage. The iPad should have the passcode and Find My iPad deactivated prior to storage, knowledge of Apple ID password and any numerical passcode is needed prior to arrival. Devices will be available for retrieval at the school when the school year starts up in the fall. 

    Reporting a missing iPad

    If my child can not find their iPad what should I do?

    A lost/missing/damaged iPad should be reported as soon as possible. You can use this form to report the missing iPad. You should then followup with administration at your child's school. The sooner the iPad is reported the better chance we have to locate or recover it. Remember that the family is responsible for full replacement value of a lost or damaged iPad unless it is reported and an insurance claim s filed.