District-Level Restrictions for Summer

  • Students in the School District of Waukesha grades 2-11 will be allowed to take their iPads home to continue their learning over the summer. In order to assist parent(s)/guardian(s) in managing student use of these devices, the District is offering two levels of restrictions that we can place on your student’s iPad for the summer.


    Level 1

    The first level of restrictions will disable the Camera. It will also be set to limit adult content on websites and Apple-provided books, tv shows and movies. While at school there is filtering to restrict these sites. At home, your internet may/may not be set to these same filters. Adding the Level 1 District restrictions will assist in this effort. 

    Level 2

    Level 2 restrictions will enable all of the Level 1 restrictions and also restricts the iPad to only access specific educational websites that have been selected by district staff.

    As always a parent can enable restrictions on their student’s iPad in addition to any that are put in place by the District

    Please enter your student’s information on the form below if you would like the district to enable either of these restriction levels on your student’s device. For your safety, if you choose to remove district-level restrictions during the summer, you will be asked to make that request in person at the Technology Dept, Lindholm Building, 222 Maple Ave, Room 127.