• Waukesha for Learning is a Standards-Based and Criterion-Referenced system. Clear Standards (Learning Targets) and Criteria (Rubrics) drive teaching and learning. The creation and of both must be the first priority when implementing Waukesha for Learning practices.


    Standards Based Grading states students learn best through a system of clear learning targets, quality formative, and summative assessments, purposeful and engaging instruction, developmental feedback and the opportunity to respond to that feedback. Because Standards Based Grading is based on these guiding principles, students can expect that their teachers’ grading practices will follow these guidelines.


    Standards Based Grading provides students with clear learning targets, and multiple opportunities to practice, receive feedback and to demonstrate what they know and are able to do. The ultimate goal of Standards Based Grading is to increase student learning and achievement. Combining Standards Based Grading principles and practices with purposeful and engaging instruction ensures that these goals are achieved.