Mrs. Edwards

  • Licensed School Counselor, M. Ed.

    *serving Banting, Heyer, Hillcrest, Lowell, Prairie, Rose Glen & e-Achieve


    Hello! I am the elementary school counselor for half our elementary schools. My primary responsibility is to teach social and emotional lessons to every student within my assigned buildings. These monthly lessons include important skills of building empathy, problem solving, goal setting, bully prevention, personal safety strategies, academic and career planning, anger management and conflict resolution skills. These lessons supplement our evidenced based Second Step curriculum taught throughout our district. The school counseling lessons pull from evidenced based therapeutic apporaches that are grounded in counseling theory and professional organizations such as The American School Counseling Association and Wisconsin School Counseling Association. Along with this work, I support teachers and building work around Social Emotional Learning such as offering staff development, consultation services with teachers, attending SST meetings and collaborating with the building student services for student needs. 

    You can access our school counseling scope and sequence along with the monthly parent newsletters by going to the district website and selecting: DepartmentsStudent Services, School Counseling, Elementary School Counseling, Curriculum/Parent Newsletter tabs. I look forward to supporting the growth of your child's social and emotional needs while partnering with you as a parent. 

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