Facilities and Grounds

  •  EB Shurts

    The E.B. Shurts building, located in the Fox River Sanctuary, is home to the environmental education program of the School District of Waukesha. The building is operated through a cooperative agreement between the School District of Waukesha and the City of Waukesha, Park and Recreation Department. Along with housing environmental education programs, the building is also used for City of Waukesha programming and has a community room that can be rented out through the City of Waukesha for special events or parties.

    The Environmental Education program uses three rooms in the building. The live animal room is used to learn about some of the creatures living in our local habitat, their behavior, and other characteristics. The large habitat display area with a diorama (including limestone cave) is used to learn about the major habitats found in Waukesha County. A third classroom space is also used for a wide variety of programming needs. 

    In addition to the indoor classroom space, the Environmental Education program uses the outdoor space in the Fox River Sanctuary for a many programs. The Fox River Sanctuary immediately surrounding the E.B. Shurts Center is a mixture of arboretum-style park land, forest, and river ecosystems. Several trails run through the Fox River Sanctuary including the Glacial Drumlin bike trail.

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