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Who We Are

  • Waukesha Early Learning
    School Site 4K, Bilingual 4K
    Community Partner 4K
    Early Childhood Special Education
    Early Childhood Speech & Language


Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to establish strong social and academic foundations, inspire learning, and promote family and community involvement to prepare all children for future school success.


Vision Statement

  • We will prepare all children for future school success by ensuring the following:

    • We provide high-quality, developmentally-appropriate, standards-based instruction.
    • We foster social competence by supporting self-regulation and developing a positive self-concept within interpersonal relationships.
    • We create child-focused learning experiences that are differentiated to maximize engagement of all learners.
    • We celebrate diversity by honoring the uniqueness of each child and family within our community.

2020-2021 4K Information