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  • Students in grade 12 that are motivated to graduate through attainment of credits, who are self-directed, and who are interested in completing their coursework at their own pace. This includes students that are interested in finishing their senior course work early. This program also has enrolled students with school anxiety issues (Admitted on an individual basis. Please contact Waukesha East for further information.)

Program Overview

  • The Senior Credit program is designed for students needing eight credits or fewer.  This program offers a flexible, alternative learning plan for earning course credit leading to graduation. Students work in a self-directed and self-paced manner on a course of study set up for them based on required credit and personal interest. While the work is self-directed and paced, there is an on-site teacher to assist students with any and all coursework. The blended curriculum is a combination of online coursework and written projects and papers. Students in the Credit Program are encouraged to maintain employment and volunteer in the community. Students may choose to enroll in one or more courses at their home school in addition to their classes in the Credit Program.


Enrollment Requirements

    • Ideal for seniors that have earned roughly 17 credits or more going into their senior year
    • Referral from home high school
    • Initial intake interview; all courses needed to graduate will be provided as part of the student’s graduation plan
    • Attendance Requirement - Students can not miss more than 15 class hours (unexcused); online access to coursework will be suspended when a student exceeds 15 hours until hours are made up

Program Hours

  • Students will be placed in either the AM shift from 7:45 - 10:45 or the PM shift from 12:15 - 3:15.  Several factors play into placement decisions including course work from home high school and class dynamics at Waukesha East.

  • Susna Poppe

    Barb Hartling

    Sabrina Massey

    Sara Rottersman

    Lori Hughes

    Sandy Lookatch