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  • Students in grade 11 that have struggled in a traditional setting and are credit deficient at this time.  Ideal for students that want to graduate on time with their peers or individuals looking for a smaller learning environment.  Enrollment based on availability.

Program Overview

  • The Junior Credit Program is designed for students that are motivated to maintain progress toward a credit-based diploma and who may need extra help getting back on track.  This program offers an individualized approach in which students, parents, and program staff work together to improve student learning, achievement, and credit accumulation.  The curriculum allows students to earn credit in Physics, Algebra 2, English 11, U.S. History and Government as well as recover credit in other core content area classes.

    Students must concurrently be enrolled in four classes at their home high school in order to keep them on track for graduating with a traditional, credit-based diploma.  All credits earned at Waukesha East within this program transfer to the home high school transcripts.

    This program is ideal for students who would benefit from a team teaching environment, more individualized support in core academic areas, increased communication with parents and families, and few transitions during their day.

Enrollment Requirements

    • Credit deficient in core content areas (English, History, Math, Science)
    • Referral from home high school
    • Initial intake interview


  • Students will be placed in either the AM shift from 7:45 - 10:45 or the PM shift from 12:15 - 3:15.  Several factors play into placement decisions including course work at home high school and class dynamics at Waukesha East.

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