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  • Students in this program must be at least 17 years old. This program is ideally offered for students who are at least one year behind in credits attained to their same grade peers and have demonstrated proficient reading and math skills.

Enrollment Requirements

    • 90% attendance rate (State of Wisconsin and School District requirement)
    • Minimum of a 9th grade reading and mathematic level (as demonstrated via TABE test which will be done by Waukesha East staff upon referral)
    • Must work a minimum of 400 hours at an outside employer
    • 20 hours of community service
    • Referral from home high school
    • Initial intake interview



Program Overview

  • The GED-O2 program measures academic proficiency through the use of GED tests.  The program has two components. The first component includes passing four GED tests: RLA (Reasoning through Language Arts), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The second component involves students passing Government, Health, Employability Skills (including 400 work hours), Financial Literacy, College & Career Exploration, and Academic, Community & Civic Responsibility (including 20 community service hours).


Program Hours

  • GED-O2 is only offered during the AM shift from 7:45 - 10:45.

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