The Wisconsin Title I Association

  • Description:

    Every year the Wisconsin Title 1 Association is proud to help graduating seniors pursue their dreams by awarding up to four $1,500 scholarships.  All recipients have been in a  Title 1 program sometime in their school career.

    Applications must be postmarked by midnight, February 1, 2020.  Applications should be sent to:
        Linda Bruun
        501 K Street
        Reedsburg WI 53959


    • 1. Be a resident of Wisconsin
      2. Be a graduate of an accredited high school
      3. Show a sincere desire and interest in furthering his/her education
      4. Plan to attend an accredited university, college, or two-year technical college
      5. Have been in a Title I Program between early childhood and grade 12
      6. Submit the completed scholarship form postmarked by midnight, February 1, 2020.

    Award Amont: $1,500
    ApplicationCLICK HERE 
    Application Deadline: February 1, 2020

Ted Jaskie Memorial Scholarship (WI Bowling Association)

  • Description: 

    Applicant must be a certified member of the WS USBS YA and actively bowling in a certified youth league within jurisdiction of the WS USBC YA.

    Award Amount: 25- $2,000
    Application: CLICK HERE
    Application Deadline: March 1, 2020

Wisconsin Professional Police Association

  • Who is eligible for the WPPA scholarship?
    Any Wisconsin resident enrolling in a college or vocational/technical school in a course of study leading to a two- or four-year degree in police science, criminal justice, or a law enforcement-related field – which does not include law school – is eligible.

    Who selects the scholarship winners? 
    Scholarship recipients are selected by a committe composed of WPPA Directors. All decisions of the committee are final.

    How many scholarships will be awarded?
    The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to determine the number and amount of scholarships to be awarded in a given year.

    How is the Scholarship Paid?
    The recipient must submit proof of his or her enrollment (a copy of the semester tuition invoice marked “paid”) in an accredited college or vocational/technical school. Awards are not retroactive and may not be credited to semesters already completed. After the student has submitted proof of enrollment, a check for the scholarship award will be mailed directly to the recipient.

    How do students apply?

    • Complete the Scholarship Application in its entirety.
    • Enclose a typewritten essay (on 8½ x 11 paper) of 200 words or less outlining why you have chosen a law enforcement career. Include any special projects relating to your interest in law enforcement and any other factors you wish the committee to consider.
    • Type in the top right corner of each page of the essay your full name and complete address.
    • Sign and date the essay.
    • Enclose three (3) letters of recommendation from three different sources (i.e., not more than one letter from any one source). Sources may include family, school, neighbor, clergy, employer, civic organization, law enforcement, etc. (For example, send one letter of recommendation from your school, one from a police officer, and one from a family member.)
    • Enclose a transcript of high school and/or college grades.
    • Scholarship applications must be postmarked on or before February 3 and mailed to:
      WPPA Scholarship Committee, 660 John Nolen Drive, Suite 300, Madison, Wisconsin 53713.

    ApplicationCLICK HERE
    Application Deadline: February 3, 2020

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Scholarship

  • Description:

    Applicants who meet the following requirements can apply for this scholarship by registering and applying online at

    • U.S. citizen
    • WI resident during academic year
    • Enrolled full-time in, admitted to, or applied to any undergraduate program at a WSGC college or university
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA (Proposals that include a GPA of less than 3.0 will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
    • Completed application online

    Award Amount: $2,000
    Application: CLICK HERE
    Application Deadline: February 4, 2020

Better Business Bureau- Students of Integrity

  • Description:

    To be eligible for this award, the student must:

    • Be a high school senior
    • Be a Wisconsin state resident
    • Have a 3.0 or show GPA improvement consistently over time
    • Plan to attend a Wisconsin-based accredited Higher Education Institution (2 or 4 year)
    • Judging Criteria: Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of Wisconsin business leaders and members of the academic community, and scored based on five elements: Essay (50%), letters of reference (20%), community involvement/employment (10%), academics (15%) and first generation (5%).

    Award Amount: 10 scholarships in the amount of $2,500 will be awarded
    Application: CLICK HERE
    Application Deadline:  January 16, 2020 at 4:00pm CST

The Delores Pemma Scholarship

  • Description: 

    An eligible applicant is defined as a Wisconsin resident seeking to enroll or currently accepted as a first year, full or part time degree seeking student at an accredited 2 year Wisconsin Educational Institute starting in the fall semester. The Delores Pemma Recipient will receive a $2,500 scholarship disbursement once per fall academic school year. The scholarship award may be applied to tuition & fees. All scholarship application documents are reviewed and scored by the Foundation’s Advisory Committee. Applicants are requested to volunteer academic documents to the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation for the application process and during the scholarship term.

     Eligibility Criteria:

    • Must be a US citizen or legal US resident
    • Must live in Wisconsin
    • Must register as a first-year, full-time (12 credits) or part-time (6 credits) degree-seeking student at an accredited Wisconsin technical school or college for Fall of 2019
    • Must have a minimum 2.25 Cumulative GPA

    Award Amount: $5,000
    Application: CLICK HERE 
    Application Deadline: January 23, 2020 at 4pm

Wisconsin Sports Scholarship Contest by Cousins Subs, Inc.

  • Description:

    • Student must complete an Online Application or Download Application and mail it in by the deadline of 11:59PM CST February 29, 2020. This will include responses to the following questions:
      • In 250-300 words, explain your involvement in the community and what drives you to give back.
      • In 200 words, describe an athletic moment that taught you an important life lesson and how athletic participation will assist you in future academic and athletic success.
      • Please describe your future career goals.
      • Please indicate any additional information that you believe would be of assistance to the selection committee. 
    • Student must submit an official copy of transcript.
    • Student must submit two letters of recommendation. First, an athletic endorsement from a school staff member. Second, an endorsement for community work from a community member.
    • Click here for Official Contest Rules.

    Award Amount: First Place: $7,500 scholarship awarded to one male AND one female athlete.
                              Runner-Up: $2,500 scholarship awarded to on male AND one female athlete.
    Application: CLICK HERE
    Application Deadline: February 29, 2020 at 11:59PM CST