Greater School Alliance
  • Butler Middle School GSA

    Greater School Alliance


    GSA is: 

    • Dedicated toward creating an inclusive community, making Butler a greater place to be.
    • A safe space for ALL students to feel a sense of belonging and feel included
    • A chance to continue to learn and grow from other students 
    • Student driven - they will take lead on all club activities 
    •  Anyone is welcome at any meeting - come when you can!

    Staff Members:

    Gretchen Pratt, Katherine Plotkin

    Student Expectations:

    • Attend with an open mind and a positive attitude  
    • Display Safe, Respectful, & Responsible behavior (all school rules apply)
    • Submit a signed permission slip, concussion form and athletic code of conduct


More Information:

  • Contacts:

    Mrs. Pratt
    Mrs. Wolfe