Chess Club

  • Waukesha West Chess Club at Waukesha West is in its second year of operation and growing. The goal is to offer a stress-free environment for students interested in the game of chess to learn the basics or improve their skills. Because of the large number of participants, players can find someone of similar skill level to their own, no matter the case. By joining this club and learning the skill of chess, students enhance problem-solving and abstract thinking skills, beneficial in the classroom and other aspects of life. Chess Club is a wonderful opportunity to learn a skill that can be utilized for a lifetime.

    Both recreational and competitive players are encouraged as one of the primary goals this year is entering local chess tournaments to compete against other schools and players. Meetings will generally be Tuesdays from 3:15 - 4:15 p.m. in Ms. Hagan’s room F020. Feel free to follow the Waukesha West Chess Club Instagram page to stay informed about the club: wwhs_chessclub.

Chess Club Advisor