Nursing Services

  • Health and nursing services support students by managing health-related barriers to learning. Direct services are provided to students through the combined efforts of a health room/clerical assistant, school secretary, designated teachers and instructional aides.

    District nurses coordinate the services through training, delegation, and supervision of staff, and act as liaisons between school, home, health care providers and/or community resources.

    Minor illness or injury in a student while at school will be taken care of by a health room assistant, or other staff member who is trained to handle these situations. In case of serious illness or injury, district staff will provide basic care and use emergency medical services by calling 9-1-1 and parent(s)/guardian(s).

    If it is necessary for your child to receive medication during school hours, specific school district forms must be completed. For prescription medication, the signatures of a parent/guardian and a health care provider are required. For over-the-counter medications, only a parent signature is required. All prescription medications must be brought to school in the original pharmacy-labeled container. All over-the-counter medications must be in the original packaging.

    Ask for the forms that you need from the health room assistant or secretary at the school where your child attends or will attend.

    Student Health Services:

    • Medication Administration
    • Health Care Plans
    • First Aid & Illness Care
    • Emergency Care
    • Immunization Records
    • Special Health Care Procedures
    • Vision Screening
    • Health Education

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