• Students residing 2 miles or more from their home school or in an area determined unusually hazardous are eligible for transportation.  The Transportation Office works the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department to determine if an area is included in the plan. 

     All transportation is determined by the student’s primary address.  To help determine if your address qualifies for transportation you can use the google-walk route tool. 

     Google - Walk Route Tool

    Disclaimer: The standard protocol for mileage is to measure the shortest distance from building to building.  Google Maps may generate a route over 2 miles due to construction or the wrong side of the school campus.  If the address is close to the 2-mile mark, you are encouraged to contact the Transportation Office to confirm eligibility.  

    Families currently homeless should contact their school social worker to determine eligibility for transportation.  

    All eligible high school and private school families must register for transportation in order to be routed on a bus.  Please click on the Online Request Forms to complete the request.  Eligible elementary and middle school students are automatically routed.      

    Address Changes for existing families: 

    In order to change your student’s assigned bus route, you must first change your address with our Enrollment/Transportation Office.  Once the primary address has been updated in Infinite Campus we can process the bus change.  You can do this by emailing the following documents to transportation@waukesha.k12.wi.us

    1. Parent Guardian Identification
    2. Two (2) proofs of residency.
      1. At least two of the items below can be used as verification of address. All documents must be current, valid, and in the name of the parent/guardian enrolling the student.  Please note: Only one document from each group may be submitted
        1. Group One (1) 
          1. Mortgage or property deed
          2. Apartment or home lease
          3. Filed homestead exemption
        2. Group Two (2) 
          1. Utility bill within the past 30 days
          2. Utility deposit receipt for new service
        3. Group Three (3) 
          1. Automobile registration or automobile insurance
          2. Driver's license
          3. Voter registration card
          4. 401K, Pay Stub or Bank Statement
          5. Department of Health and Human Services document for benefits
          6. IRS Documents from the most recent tax year
          7. Sworn affidavit of residency and/or personal visit by a designated school district official
          8. Certified copy of a filed petition for guardianship if pending, and final decree when granted

    If you have just moved and only have proof from group one (1), you can submit that document.  You will have 30 days to submit the second proof of residency.

    New Student and Address Change Transportation Request Form - All new elementary and middle school families must complete this form to be routed also, all families with an address change must complete this transportation form. 


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