• SDW Elementary / Middle School Parent, 

    First Student bus company is currently routing for the fall.  In order to route as efficiently as possible, we are asking you to complete the opt-out of transportation form if you do NOT plan to have your elementary or middle schooler ride the bus.

    There are a couple of primary reasons for this request.  Planning for this upcoming school year during COVID-19 will have its challenges, by routing for students that plan to ride may allow for more social distancing.  Another important reason especially at the elementary level is this will ensure that a student is never accidentally put on the bus if you do not intend to have them ride.

    If at any point during the school year transportation is needed you can request to have your student routed back on the bus.   

    Opt-Out of Transportation Form

    Thank you for your cooperation in an effort to better serve all students.  Please feel free to contact the Transportation Office if you have any questions at 262-970-1150.