• Hi!  I'm Mrs. Zagorski and I am a 4K teacher at Lowell.  I started teaching second grade when I came to Lowell, and I have taught first grade, kindergarten, and now 4K.  They are ALL awesome grades to teach, but 4K is my new favorite.  I am on my 31st year at Lowell, and I love this school.  It is full of amazing students and families, and the staff here is always so kind to everyone.  I feel like at Lowell we are always ready to learn new things, and we always want the journey of learning to be fun and fulfilling. I can't imagine my days of teaching and learning anywhere else!  On the personal side, I have a husband who also loves teaching, and he is currently retired from full time teaching, but beginning to do substitute teaching.  Together we love to kayak and hike and camp and do all things outdoors.  We have three children, ages 25, 23 and 21.  They are all on learning journeys, with the oldest two having completed college and now going back again, and the youngest learning at Madison.  We are a family that loves spending time together playing games and hanging out.  I loved telling my kids at home about all the cool things "my kids" at school were doing, and they would respond with, "But mom, WE'RE your kids." They learned how much I cared about my students then, and they know how much I still care today.

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    Email: mzagorsk@waukesha.k12.wi.us