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90:10 Language Allocation

  • The Dual Language Bilingual Program is an Immersion Program.  Immersion in the program’s community minority language (Spanish) with a gradual increase in the amount of instruction in English is key to developing bilingualism, biliteracy and academic achievement for all of our learners.  Research is conclusive that English Learning students who learn in their first language, have the greatest likelihood of being proficient bilinguals in English and Spanish. English proficient students have the greatest opportunity for bilingualism in a 90:10 program as we can capitalize early brain development in acquiring a second language.

    The 90:10 Model of Language Allocation is detailed below:  

How It Works

  • We emphasize building a community of learners.  Students work in partners called Bilingual Pairs, are prompted to practice speaking, interacting, and collaborating before engaging individually, and are always seeking connections between how their languages interact in their brains.  

    Starting in 4-year-old kindergarten, students engage with their teachers and classmates in an environment where Spanish is the modeled instructional language and the mode of communication between the teacher and students and between the students.  Students attend Monday to Thursday full days with their bilingual teacher and a full-time bilingual teaching assistant.  All foundational lessons are conducted in Spanish to build early learning skills in Spanish literacy and numeracy, social-emotional wellbeing, and community culture.

    Families will notice a significant commitment to learning Science in Spanish from 4K-10th grade.  Our program intends to prepare bilingual students in the STEM areas so that they can enter into local, national, and international Health Care, Science, Technology, and Engineering Careers with the academic and cultural uses of the language they will need in Spanish to compete with local and international candidates for similar positions.

  • Grades: K5 - 1

  • Grades: 2-3

  • Grades: 4-5

  • Grades: 6-8

  • Grades: 9 -12

Grade Level Standards

  • The School District of Waukesha has a specially designed curriculum that ensures access to grade level standards in Spanish and English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies for bilingual students.  Our curriculum includes Language Arts standards in both English and Spanish with a continuum of skills that focus on transfer of skills between languages, as well as direct instruction in the specific skills of both languages.  The curriculum specifically builds upon the cross language connections our bilingual students make to and between their language.


  • Dual Language Teachers are certified regular education teachers in early childhood, middle childhood or/and secondary content areas such as Math, Science, Reading and Social Studies.  All Dual Language Teachers are Advanced bilinguals in both English and Spanish, and hold additional State of Wisconsin licensure as Bilingual teachers.