Seal of Biliteracy

High School: Gr. 9-12

  • The Dual Language Program is offered at North and South High School.  Dual Language at the secondary level, grades 6-12, is defined by participation in daily Spanish Literacy and at least one content area in Spanish. Students are encouraged to explore adding French as an elective, and to participate in AVID and other career and college preparatory courses.

    Both South and North are prepared to offer a three year experience in Advanced Placement Spanish in the following courses:

    • AP Spanish Language and Culture
    • AP Spanish Literature
    • Dual Language Seminar
    • Students take these courses in order starting in 9th grade.

    In addition to daily Spanish literacy, students will have access to Science and Math content courses at North and South. 

    At South, these Include:

    • Dual Language Biology
    • Integrated Math 1
    • Integrated Math 2/Geometry

    At North, these include:

    • Dual Language Biology
    • Dual Language Chemistry
    • Integrated Math 1
    • Integrated Math 2/Geometry

    Students in the Dual Language Program are expected to participate in all three Advanced Placement Spanish Classes and at least one content area, preferably more, in grades 9 and 10.

    Grade 11:  

    • Students will take AP Dual Language Seminar and additional content courses as they become available.
    • Students are eligible to apply for the Early College Credit program. 

    Information on Advanced Placement and the Early College Credit Program is below.

  • Advanced Placement

  • Early College Credit

High School Course Guide

  • High School Course Selection Guide

  • There is no need to reapply to the program; however, families that desire to attend a specific school should contact 
    the enrollment department to start the in-district transfer application.