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The History of Our Dual Language Program

  • Consistent with Wisconsin State Law [115.96 (4) (a-b), Wis. Stats.], Students who enter school as English Language Learners are offered specific instructional programs and supports to acquire English and Academic Proficiency.  

    The School District of Waukesha has historically interpreted the law to value students' native language and culture as tools to promote their academic success.  Since the 1970s, English as a Second Language and Bilingual (English/Spanish) learning environments have been offered in the district.  The commitment to these learning environments has grown to meet the needs of the growing Spanish speaking population as well as the population of the other 52 language speakers represented in this district from K4-12 grade.  While access to programs that offer either ESL or both ESL and Bilingual, that is learning through two languages, has expanded throughout the district and grade levels, these programs have become inclusive of students who are not learning English as their second language in order to prepare students for the ever-changing, interdependent world in which diverse cultural and linguistic groups converge. In 2009, Dual Language 1-Way and 2-Way were implemented to replace the models of developmental and transitional bilingual instruction that had historically been in place.  1,400 students are educated annually in the Dual Language Bilingual Immersion Program.

    The Department of Bilingual/ESL at the Lindholm Building is grant-funded through Federal Title III and State Bilingual/Bicultural Funding.