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Global Scholars and Wisconsin State Seal of Biliteracy

  • Two awards, earned in 12th grade, shared with universities and employers attesting to the student's global competency and/in addition to their Advanced Bilingualism and Biliteracy. Students create a portfolio of evidence that they have met the criteria for the award/s.  

Seal of Biliteracy Award

  • The Seal of Biliteracy is a Scholarship Award.  Biliteracy is demonstrated by:

    • English Proficiency (ACT 18 ELA/Reading or above) (If EL, ACCESS level 4 or above)
    • Partner Language Proficiency* (AP level 4, or AAPPL level Intermediate/High (I5) on all indicators)
    • One Essay in English
    • One Essay in the Partner Language
      • Distinguished Seal of Biliteracy requires a score of 5 on the AP test, or Advanced/Superior on AAPPL in 3 of 4 indicators (none under IH)

Global Scholars Award

  • The Global Scholars Award is a Participation Award demonstrated by: 

    • 4 Credits or equivalent of a World Language
    • 4 Credits of approved courses 
    • 8 Independent reviews or reflections (4 media, 4 text with global lens)
    • 20 Hour Service Learning Project in the Waukesha multilingual or international community.

      • eachieve offers a semester course in Service Learning for .5 credit, if desired.


Global Scholars Videos

Seal of Biliteracy & Global Schol Poster