• Pre-scheduled scout programs have been temporarily suspended in order to provide safe and healthy programs to smaller groups. To request a program for your troop/den, please visit ww w.waukeshacount y.gov/ Enviro nmenta / Ed .

    Tiger: Sky is the Limit

    Enjoy a star talk, the Star Signs planetarium show and exploring jobs in ast ronomy.

    Wolf/Bear: Space Exploration

    Examine space exploration through the CapCom Go! The Apollo Story sh ow.

    Webelo: Adventures in Science Study the night sky by taking an extensive six-hour time lapse tour

    of the night sky, where you will

    sketch and draw some of the major constellations of that season, and watch Zociac: The Stars, the Moon and the Path of the Sun. Add-on options available.)


    Daisy: Space Science Explorer

    Listen to a star talk, explore the planetarium show Max Goes to the Moon, and learn how to make

    and use a sundial.

    Brownie: Space Science Adventurer Watch The Little Star That Could planetarium show and listen to a

    local star talk.

    Junior: Space Science Investigator

    Listen to a star talk, investigate the planetarium show Four Paths to the Sun,

    and do a night sky scavenger hunt.