• HAMHIGH - Around The World In ......  Days
    OK - Only half way around the world in about 2 weeks

    Here is one of our exciting projects at the planetarium - we are sending a ham-radio, attached to a weather balloon, transmitting a single around the world!

    Track it at this website:  Click Here

    The leader of this project is Brian and here are his updates:

    WISN news coverage:  WISN news coverage

    A couple of final words from Mission Control:

    Project Ham High was a partial success, travelling half-way around the Earth on a wild and crazy tour over the frozen wastelands, Europe, Middleast and Asia.
    Thanks for the support. Watch for a planetarium program on Project HamHigh coming soon.

    Brian Cieslak
    Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium
    Waukesha, W

    Most current update

    May 17  Declared Mising In Action

    May 15   - HamHigh goes missing
    May 14   - Still sailing the skies
    ay 13   - It is ALIVE!
    May 12
      - Is HamHigh dead?  

    May 11
    May 10
    May 9
    5-8 Pm

    We launched yesterday at 4:20 PM and all is going as planned this time..Project Hamhigh( the balloon) is currently over New England at 24,000 feet and ready to ride the Jet stream over the atlantic.. Whoo hooo!
    I love it when a plan comes together..
    See attached map of our journey thus far..
    You can follow the mission on this page:
    Weather map showing what HamHigh Is experiencing at its current altitude

     Ham radio transmitter


    Transmitter and balloons