Help - iPad -> Software Updates

  • Overview:

    Keeping your iPad up to date is important! It allows for everything to keep functioning together.

    Updating your iPad:

        1. Select Settings

    Step 1

        2. Select 'General', then 'Software Update'

    Step 2

        3. Now you'll either see an update, and be given an option to download and install (follow the prompts) or you will see a screen that looks like this.....(in which case you're all good) see the next step when you're finished

    Step 3

    Updating specific apps:

    Note: Only do this if know you want an app updated or it is having issues, as following these steps uninstalls then reinstalls the app, causing any data that hasn't been backed up to be lost.

        1. Open Self Service

    App Step 1

        2. Find the app you would like to update, then click 'Reinstall'. Note: This will uninstall and reinstall the app causing you to lose any data that hasn't been backed up.

    App Step 2