Help - iPad -> Backing Up -> Backing Up Specific Apps

  • Overview:

    There are a few applications that don't automatically backup to the iCloud unless you turn it on or save the items you want someplace else.

    See below for instructions on how to do this for Notability, Book Creator, and iMovie


        1. Select the settings gear

    Notability Step 1

        2. Select 'iCloud', then turn on the toggle for 'iCloud Syncing'

    Notability Step 2

        3. Just to be safe, you can also turn on an extra backup to Google Drive by selecting 'Auto-backup', then 'Google Drive' (if this is your first time doing this, it may ask you to sign into Google Drive)

    Notability Step 3

    Book Creator:

        1. Slide to the book you want to save and select export (square with up arrow)

    Book Creator Step 1

        2. Select 'Export as ePub'

    Book Creator Step 2

        3. Select 'Send to...'

    Book Creator Step 3

        4. Select 'iCloud Drive'. To be safe, you can also add it to Google Drive. Repeat the steps above and instead of selecting 'iCloud Drive', select 'Google Drive' and choose the location you want it saved. Then click save in the top right corner.

    Book Creator Step 4


        1. Select the project you want to save, then select export (square with up arrow)

    iMovie Step 1

        2. Select 'Save to Files'

    iMovie Step 2

        3. Next choose 'iCloud Drive'. To be safe, you can also add it to Google Drive. Select 'Save' when you chose the location.

    iMovie Step 3