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  • Overview:

    Saving photos and videos to your iCloud can be convenient, but it can take up a lot of space! Also, leaving them on your device can take up a lot of your device storage too! An easy way to free up space for both areas is to use the Google Photo app. You can save photos and videos here, then remove them from your device after it's backed up to Google.

    See the directions below to make sure you do it properly and don't delete them from both locations!

    Backing Up Photos:

        1. Download Google Photos from Self Service. Once finished installing, select it to open

    Step 1

        2. Tap 'OK' to allow Google Photos to access your Photos

    Step 2

        3. Click 'Back up as (your name)'. If it's not signed into your account then sign into your school account.

    Step 3

        4. Select 'High Quality - free unlimited storage', then tap 'Continue'

    Step 4

        5. Wait for backup to complete (see the box that says 'Backing up photos') *This may say 1 (or a different number) item left, but will often load more after, so make sure it's actually finished before you proceed*

    Step 5

        6. Now verify that the box says 'Backup Complete' and it stays that way (sometimes it will load more items, so make sure you check the main photo screen that everything has uploaded/saved). Then click on the three bars (top left)

    Step 6

        7. Select 'Free up space'

    Step 7

        8. Tap 'DELETE(#)' once you've double checked that you've completed the previous steps

    Step 8

        9. Tap on the home button on your iPad and go to the Photos app (built in)

    Step 9  

        10. Go to your Albums and select 'Recently Deleted'

    Step 10

        11. Tap 'Select'

    Step 11

        12. Tap 'Delete All'

    Step 12

        13. Tap 'Delete *#* Photo(s)' - your device storage should now have more space available

    Step 13

    ** You may also want to do a new backup to account for these items being deleted and update your iCloud storage, click here for how to do that **