Help - iPad -> Backing Up -> Backing Up Through iCloud

  • Overview:

    The pages under this one in the sidebar show various steps on how to complete a backup of your iPad. Below, on this page, are the steps on how to complete an iCloud backup to be completely safe.

    Note: Some apps don't save documents/projects to iCloud and you will lose them if you don't back them up a different way. Please click here, or look at the sidebar for video tutorials.

    iCloud Backup:

        1. Go to Settings

    Step 1

        2. Tap on your name in the top left corner, then tap on 'iCloud'

    Step 2

        3. Tap 'iCloud Backup'

    Step 3

        4. Tap 'Back Up Now'

    Step 4

    Your iPad should now be backing up to the iCloud.

    *If you get a message stating there's not enough storage available, please click here to walk through how to fix this.