Help - Google Apps -> Exporting Data

  • Exporting Data from Google:

    If you are leaving the district (graduating, moving to a new school district, etc.), we encourage you to take your Google data with you.
    This process will need to be managed by each individual user while your district provided Google account is still active. The account will be eventually suspended and deleted.

    Use Google Takeout to export ALL of your data. If you're a staff member and would like to transfer the ownership of all of your Google Drive files to a colleague, please contact with this request.

    Transferring Google Site Ownership:

    Create/use a personal Gmail account. Then you'll need to make your personal account the owner of the site by following the directions below.

    To control who can access your site:

    1. Click More Actions in the upper right corner of the page.
    2. Click Manage Site
    3. Open the Sharing tab, and enter the email addresses for the people with whom you'd like to share your site.
    4. Choose the level of permissions for each person (Owner, Collaborator, Viewer).
    5. Click invite these people.

    If you have ever shared a site hosted outside of with your Google Apps account, you'll need to visit to access them. (You may not find it under My Sites when you go to

    Exporting Calendars:

    Export your calendar data, and import it into your new account (or into iCal, Outlook, etc.)

    Email Contacts and Messages:

    Let your contacts know your SDW managed email address will no longer work (a vacation responder, available in settings, may help with this). Forward any mail messages you wish to maintain to another email account.

    Exporting Contacts:

    Export your contacts, then import into your own personal account.