Photo of Poet James Russell Lowell

History of Lowell Elemenary

  • Lowell Elementary School was named after the famous poet, James Russell Lowell (1819 - 1891).
    With a student population of approximately 295, Lowell’s total staff consists of over 70 dedicated employees—more than 45 of whom are certified professionals. 

    The school serves students in the northwest area of Waukesha and is located south of I-94 and Highway 18 at 140 N. Grandview Blvd. After attending Lowell, students attend Butler Middle School and then North High School. 

    While Lowell is a traditionally organized school, it has some of the same physical characteristics of an open concept environment where a minimum of barriers are constructed. It was built in 1960 with the first addition constructed in 1965, the second addition constructed in 1978 and the third in 1987.

    Cooperative parent involvement in education is a tradition at Lowell. The Lowell Parent Teacher Organization supports the educational process by organizing and supporting student activities, volunteering time in classrooms, contributing to material production and being an integral part of special classroom activities using their interest and hobbies. 

    The curriculum program at Lowell is based on the requirements set forth by the Waukesha School Board. Emphasis is placed on planning to meet the intellectual, effective and emotional needs of individual learners. Developing skills that will foster independence, self-expression, and personal confidence is strived for so that students will be prepared to meet the demands of an every changing society. 

    The early childhood through fifth-grade program for the deaf and hard of hearing learner at the elementary school level is housed at Lowell. The program involves integration with the regular education program.

    A variety of extra school activities are available for students. Offerings are based on student interest and available leadership. These activities, which vary from school year to school year, include Sign Language Club, Swim Club, Town Hall and Student Council.