Homework Club
  • Contact Information


    Dan Hickman




    Butler Middle School Homework Club



    Homework Club is:

    • An opportunity for all students to get support with homework
    • Available Monday - Thursday beginning October 4th
    • An “as needed” support - students may attend on the days they need support


    Homework Club Is Not:

    • A punishment/consequence
    • An intervention
    • A right - students may be “exited” from HW Club if they do not follow expectations


    Student Expectations:

    • Arrive by 2:45 pm with all materials needed
    • Stay until 3:30 pm
    • Exit building promptly at 3:30 pm
    • May not leave homework club unless supervised by advisor
    • Student will work on assignments entire time
      • Early finishers may read, write, or work on academic computer/iPad activity 
    • Must sign-in at each session
    • Display Safe, Respectful & Responsible behavior (all school rules apply)