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    Ms. Kuhtz

  • Speed, Agility & Strength Club (SAS Club) is starting March 3rd! There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, February 27th after school in the Large Gym.  
    What is SAS? It's a place to improve yourself as an athlete in any sport.  If you are planning on doing track it's a great time to get in better shape and to be more prepared to prevent injuries.  
    What do we do at SAS? We do a variety of activities from speed ladders to medicine ball exercises to an obstacle course (to name a few). 

    At this time all clubs, activities, and extracurricular events have been cancelled. 


    Students and families will be notified when we resume these after school acivities.


    Jeffrey Taege
    Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, & Blair Campus Administrator
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    SDW Summer School Principal - Middle Level
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