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  • Welcome to Banting's Physical Education Program!

    I'm Mrs. Wyrick and I'm one of the Physical Education teachers. I love sports, playing, and being active. I graduated a long time ago from UW-La Crosse with a BS in Physical Education, Health, coaching, and specially designed physical education. I received a MS degree from UW-Whitewater 10 years ago in Physical Education and Health. I have been teaching in the School District of Waukesha for 25 or so years.

    I put a lot of emphasis in teamwork, sportsmanship, general skills, fitness, and having fun. I just want students to try as hard as they can to do their best always working on improving. It takes a long time to develop all these skills. Don't get upset, because you are unable to do a skill immediately. Keep trying!!!! You can do it!!!

    I played basketball and fast pitch softball in high school and college. When I graduated from college, I started inline skate marathons for 26 miles for about 6 years. I currently love biking, kayaks, and doing adventure triathlons which is running, kayaking, and biking. Now, I'm playing a lot of pickleball. I love to take long hikes with my dogs- Bentley and Maya.

    Please visit my website for more information on my program: Mrs. Wyrick's PE Website


    Mr. Kuhtz is the kindergarten Physical Education Teacher. He works every afternoon except Tuesday from 2-3:30.


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