Student Services, Safety & Confidentiality

  • Student Services Access: Our district school psychologists, social workers, and counselors will remain accessible via virtual means. Families and students will have access to their building's student services professionals via email, telephone, and/or video conferencing. Students who are currently engaged in small groups or individual work with student services will be reached out to on a weekly, individual basis in order to provide a consistent level and continuity of care. 

    Student Confidentiality: We will do our best to maintain confidentiality as we always have. Any phone calls, emails, or video conferencing will be done with respect to confidentiality on our end of the communication. We encourage students and families to do the same. Mandated reporting rules still apply, and we may need to share information that is shared with us in order to follow this obligation. 

    Student Safety: If your child is expressing intent to harm themselves or others, or you have other immediate concerns, please use the following guidance:

    • During the school day hours
      • Parents, please get a hold of your student services member via telephone. If you can’t reach them, please contact the Waukesha County Crisis number (262-548-7666) or 211
      • Call 911 if the threat is urgent and immediate
    • Outside of the school day
      • Call the City of Waukesha Police Department non-emergency number at (262) 524-3831 for a wellness check. The police can visit the home of the student whose safety is in question to see if they are okay and follow up accordingly.