About Us

  • What is Waukesha East Alternative School?

    Waukesha East Alternative School is a charter school within the School District of Waukesha aimed at serving the educational and emotional needs of at-risk students. Our school provides an opportunity for students to re-engage in schooling, begin exploring employment opportunities, and experience community service.  We primarily serve students that are credit deficient and are in need of something that is different from a traditional school setting. Our vision is for all students to achieve an awakened sense of belonging in both school and community.

    Waukesha East Alternative School contains several distinct programming options that are designed to meet a variety of student needs.  While these programs generally run independently from one another, they are all rooted in the same philosophy that all students matter and have the ability to learn and grow.  Students that struggle in a traditional high school environment are given the opportunity to reconnect to school and to themselves through the programing option that best fits his or her individual needs.

    The Waukesha East Staff

    Our teaching staff is trained and certified to work with at-risk student populations.  Underlying everything the staff does is a shared common belief that every student at East possesses a wide array of talents and interests that, when tapped into by a caring and supportive staff, can be drawn on to deepen a student’s learning and engagement.  Our team works to help students better realize their full potential.

    We aim to create an environment of safety and support. Students are encouraged to deal positively and constructively with negative emotions.  Our staff uses elements from Life Space Crisis Intervention trainings, the Circle of Courage philosophy, and Resiliency in Action training.  By using these concepts with our students, we work to process through negative emotions, deal with root causes, and process through events while getting back on track so that our students can work to become emotionally and  academically successful.

    Class Sizes at Waukesha East

    Class sizes at Waukesha East are intentionally small and rarely exceed fifteen students.  This is a purposeful choice we have made to allow our teaching staff the unique opportunity to get to know each student as a learner and as a person.  Students receive a significant amount of personalized attention which, in turn, increases their likelihood of success.