• Dear Hawk Nation,

    At the heart of the house structure at Horning is a dedicated school wide advisory period.  At Horning Middle School the advisory period is critically important to ensuring student’s needs, both academically and socially/emotionally are met.  Your child’s advisor will be you and your student’s point person within the house system. Your child’s advisor will be there to help you navigate through any questions and concerns that may arise. 

     Below are some results from our most recent school report card and state testing.

    School Report Card Improvement

    • School Report Card Score:  The latest school report card was the highest in school history of Horning Middle School.  (The DPI has issued school report cards since 2012)
    • Horning Middle School recorded the 2nd highest improvement for all schools district wide 

    Latest Forward Assessment Results

    English Language Arts

    • Highest overall achievement since Forward assessment  given at Horning MS
    • Over  8% 1 year increase in students demonstrating advanced and proficient in English Language Arts 
    • 11.4% increase in female hispanic  achievement


    • Highest number of proficient and advanced since Forward has been administered school wide (2015 to 2019)
    • 5.9% increase 1 year increase in students demonstrating advanced and proficient 
    • Largest increase in the 4 years of administering Forward (2015 to 2019)
    • White males 13.5% increase from 2015 to 2019 in demonstrating advanced and proficient 
    • 10% increase overall increase  in hispanic student achievement